Speak at the Indigenous Tourism Conference

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC)  is seeking submissions to take part in the upcoming 2024 International Indigenous Tourism Conference (2024IITC). ITAC focuses on Indigenous-led best practices and encourages Indigenous speakers to consider applying.

This year’s theme is Where Nations Meet and will be hosted on the traditional territories of the Algonquin people in Ottawa, Ontario. 

We are seeking submissions for the following topics:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Product Development
  3. Growth Strategies
  4. Finance
  5. Youth and Elder Involvement
  6. Culture
  7. Mental health
  8. Partnering for Indigenous Tourism
  9. Sustainability

Your expertise and perspective play an invaluable role in the success of 2024IITC. Whether you want to launch new initiatives, share best practices, educate colleagues, or inspire the next generation, 2024IITC is the perfect platform. Please submit your application before November 1, 2023.

Benefits to speaking at 2024IITC

  • Exposure to audience of over 1000 people from across canada and the globe
  • Promote your business and personal brand
  • Position yourself as a subject-expert within the Indigenous Tourism industry
  • Network and engage with like-minded business owners and professionals
  • Receive online promotional coverage through digital channels
  • Open the doors to potential speaking engagement

Those accepted will receive a notification of their acceptance through Pheedloop. Ensuring your profile is complete with photo, links, organization, etc. will allow us to instantly display you as a speaker at 2024IITC online and in the app.

If you have any questions, please contact April Thompson at april@indigenoustourism.ca or 604-362-4719.

Apply Here

We look forward to reviewing all applications.